Oyster Hotels Ltd operate 2 hotels within England and Scotland and we recognise that our businesses have an impact on the environment, our local communities and staff.

It is the policy of the group to carry out our business in a way in which both recognises the impact it has in these areas and in turn developing a culture of continuous improvement to reduce its impact on society.

The hotel will comply with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice relating to the processes and activities of the group.

Our commitment to our CSR policy is of the utmost importance to the company and therefore rather than the policy being delegated to one individual, the whole management team is involved in implementing and developing our activities.

Our CSR policy focuses on three key areas;

  • The environment
  • The community
  • Our staff

Environmental policy
Our aim is to offer good value accommodation and good service, whilst continuously aiming to promote a reduction in our environmental impact.

In delivering our commitment we will:

  • understand the environmental issues associated with our operations
  • incorporate environmental management into everyday business practice
  • comply with the relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • measure performance and set improvement targets
  • work with our employees, suppliers, contractors and partners to minimise our impacts
  • encourage environmentally-friendly, and where possible, local sourcing of products and services
  • encourage engagement of our business with local communities

We hope to achieve this:

Energy and water

  • By on replacement of appliances, using either ‘A’ rated or the most efficient new appliances available in the kitchen for cooking, washing and chilling.
  • By encouraging guests to leave dirty towels only in the shower cubicle/bath for washing. This reduces water and detergent use.
  • By monitoring and investigating energy and water consumption, with a view to managing these more efficiently.
  • By ensuring that radiator thermostats are working properly.
  • By on replacement, changing existing lighting for low energy lighting throughout, with light sensors and timers where appropriate.
  • By encouraging guests to turn off lights/television and close curtains, depending on the season, when leaving their room.
  • By encouraging guests to turn down / asking us to turn down your room heating if it is too hot.


  • By using scrap paper for note pads, office tasks etc.
  • By, wherever possible protecting the water system from harmful waste discharges by using environmentally friendly cleaning materials and magnetic products.
  • By arranging all glass, cans, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard etc. is collected for recycling and biodegradable bin liners used when available.
  • By re-processing used vegetable oil


  • By where possible, avoiding purchasing products with unnecessary packaging.
  • By only using environmentally friendly cleaning materials for the washing machine and dishwasher.
  • By supporting the local economy by sourcing products from local suppliers and where possible selecting organic produce.
  • By using a vegetable based wax print solution rather than toner
  • By committing to responsibly sourced food products and ingredients following seasonal trends and sourcing from the UK whenever possible to reduce food miles
  • By wherever possible, using fair traded products


As a small hotel group operating throughout England and Scotland we believe the best way we can contribute is by working with a national charity as well as a local charity to each individual hotel.

At each hotel and at head office we have a nominated employee who acts as the charity’s representative and organises a programme of fundraising activities.

Customer experience

  • welcoming any suggestions about how our environmental performance can be further improved and any comments where it is felt that our environmental policy is not being fully adhered to.
  • From 1st July 2007, operating a no smoking policy throughout.
  • catering for all diets including vegetarian and gluten free.
  • offering local food and drinks and where possible.
  • Where possible using herbs cut from our own herb gardens
  • Engage with our suppliers, partners, contractors and customers in the development of our environmental policy and encourage them to adopt sound environmental and sustainable management practices

The greatest asset in our company is our staff. We aim to provide a dynamic, creative, incentivised working environment which respects all employees with a free flowing and open culture.

The key areas include;

  • Recruitment – Applicants are assessed fairly regardless of age, gender, race, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief or disability.
  • Training and development – We aim to offer our staff the appropriate training and development so they can meet their full potential and personal goals.
  • Health and safety – The health and safety of our staff is of vital importance to us and we are committed to ensuring the appropriate equipment is supplied and necessary training given.
  • Equal opportunities and anti-discrimination – Our staff are treated with dignity and respect and we have an uncompromising anti-discrimination policy in place.
  • Family and friends policy – We appreciate family and friends are important and therefore we have a number of initiatives in place to support this.